You're familiar with the Battle of Britain, right? It's when the German Luftwaffe bombed the crap out of British cities and tried to wipe out the Royal Air Force during World War II. While a statement, it was the first real defeat of Hitler and changed the tide of the war. But, what if Hitler had won? Not only that, but what if he had won, only to be defeated by the Scots? There's a new film just budding on the horizon that will tackle this very notion, but it won't do so with earnest, live-action drama, but with a Team America sort of twist.

Although Jackboots on Whitehall will have the same tone and style as its American predecessor, the Brits are cutting the strings, literally. They have "specially made 'Action Man' type action figures" that will move without the need of strings, animation, or stop motion. Edward McHenry, recent Oxford grad and co-writer of the script with his brother, Rory, once used the same techniques for a short film named Baptism of Fire. It's a great start for McHenry, who has gone from winning the Swipe Films Screenplay Scholarship with the script to directing the feature.

What's even better is the cast. Where Trey Parker and Matt Stone handled most of the voices in Team America, Jackboots is a fragrant potpurri of British names: Timothy Spall, who you might remember as Peter Pettigrew, will be the voice of Churchill, the Nightcrawling Alan Cumming is Hitler, Tom Wilkinson will be Hitler's propaganda minister, Goebbels, and there will be some Riff Raff with Richard O'Brien as leading Holocaust-header Himmler. If you actually need more reasons to watch, other voices will include Richard E. Grant, Rosamund Pike and Sanjeev Bhaskar.
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