It's not just because I've done some work for that I'm a huge fan of the site. I give the Skinbosses credit for making nudity light and fun, especially in an internet world where sexuality is usually as harsh and nasty as you could possibly imagine. But Mr. Skin still recalls a time when 14-year-old boys would go absolutely ballistic (and justifiably so) when a bare of bare boobies would bounce across the movie screen. (We didn't rent Halloween just for the scares, you know...) Plus the website does really fun stuff like The Year's Top Ten Nude Scenes, and who wouldn't enjoy talking about THAT for 25 minutes or so??

So who made the list? Well, I don't want to spoil anything, but this just in: Salma Hayek has one seriously amazing body, and apparently she wasn't too shy about showing it off in Robert Towne's Ask the Dust -- and that's why she earned 2006's #1 spot! Other bare-chested award-winners include Gretchen Mol, Kyra Sedgwick, Jennifer Aniston and one of those amazingly evil hotties from Hostel. For a full run-down of the clothing-deficient cuties, has a fairly solid breakdown -- although I think it's cheating for Mr. Skin to include direct-to-video titles in the mix. Those flicks deserve their very own category!

So aside from the ten already spotlighted, what stands as your most memorable piece of cinema skin from 2006? (I can only assume the Skinjedi have yet to see Kate Winslet shine in Little Children.) And yes, that includes half-naked men, I suppose. Wouldn't want to alienate the ladies!

[Thanks to USA Today's PopCandy for the tip!]