The entire concept of Nic Cage being "born to play Johnny Blaze" strikes me as amazingly humorous. The guy has been making statements like this since his initial casting, and my general reaction is two-fold. First, I do really appreciate a comic book movie actor who really knows and cares about his subject outside of his role in the film. I think it is great that nobody had to coach Cage on who his character was, or fill him in on the background of the Marvel universe. I love the guy for that reason, and I'm glad he's getting to fulfill a dream. Heaven knows I'd love to be in a comic book movie. Second, hahaha. Born to be the Ghost Rider. I've heard people declare "this is the role I was born to play" before, but typically not talking about a flaming skeleton on a chain motorcycle.

This got me to thinking, what other celebrities might have been born to specific comic book roles and may not even know it yet? Or even outside of celebrities ... how many of you were born to play a super hero? The list is pretty slim for me, but if I were born to a hero, it is probably Commander Keen. How long do you suppose we'll be waiting until we see a Commander Keen flick?
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