BeforePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest hit theaters, a lot of critics spent a lot of ink telling us it wasn't really a good movie. We summarily told them exactly what we thought of their opinions, heading out to see the movie in very large numbers and just this week buying the DVD in just as large of numbers. That's a lot of money spent of a film which we were told isn't really all that great. So what do the writers of the film think about the critical response? Not much, naturally. But then, I imagine it is easy to brush off the words of people who don't like you when you can walk around in suits fashioned from hundred dollar bills.

Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot told Sci Fi Wire they were less than impressed with the critical reviews they received for the second installment in their franchise. Although they are quick to point out the problem wasn't the negative tone of the reviews, but rather the lack of professionalism and talent: "The thing that you really want are reviews that are critical, that are analytical, eloquent, insightful and actually help elevate the understanding of the movie." Apparently, the guys felt their movie was slammed a good bit but with potshots and isolated complaints, not solid analysis. This seems to be a very broad brush to paint the thousands of movie reviewers across the country, but who knows ... I don't think many of us read more than a handful ourselves, so we're surely not great judges.

On a side note, Rossio and Elliot were impressed with you. They said the best intelligent analysis and break down discussions of their movie came from ... yes, the internet. I'm glad to hear this; it is nice when important people realize what some of us already know about the value of internet discussion. At least, internet discussion which rises above using "lol."
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