Paul Rudd has had a pretty interesting career so far. He's been in a wide cross-section of films including romantic comedies like Clueless and The 40 Year Old Virgin, dramas like The Cider House Rules and The Shape of Things (co-starring the super-hot Rachel Weisz) and even a Shakespearean romance in the case of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. There's a lot more and together they make-up a pretty impressive list of credits. Even if the films he was in were, in some cases, not-so-good, Rudd managed to stand out and deliver consistently good performances -- many times rising above his material. Can you tell I'm a fan of his work? Probably can.

Good news for me and any other Rudd fans out there then because, according to Production Weekly, Rudd has just agreed to jump on-board director Luke Greenfield's comedy Big Brothers and will co-star in the film with Seann William Scott, who's already been cast (which our own Erik wrote about before). The film, scripted by Timothy Dowling, tells the story of two self-centered thirtysomething men whose lives consist of an endless series of parties, girls and lack of responsibility -- in short, they're living the frat boy dream 24/7. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, one of their parties gets out of hand and they end up in court. Instead of jail, however, a judge orders them to become part of the Big Brothers program to work off their community service.

As a former fraternity member myself, I can admit that I occasionally think about what life would be like if I could just chuck all responsibility and live from one party to the next. Luckily, I had my share of fun in college so I don't miss those days too much. However, movies like this and Old School definitely bring back some good memories and help me cope with the withdrawal from constant fun. Plus, I'm a fan of Rudd and his work so I think this movie might be one to check out when it hits theaters. Production on Big Brothers is tentatively set to start in April.
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