Uwe BollIt was pretty obvious that film geeks weren't going to make good boxers. And they definitely didn't stand a chance against a wealthy filmmaker who could afford to train for the event. In case you aren't aware, notoriously bad movie director Dr. Uwe Bollchallenged his harshest critics to fight him in the ring, and in September he won all five matches. Some of those involved, particularly Something Awful's Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, claimed that Boll took the event more seriously than they'd expected and that it became less of a fun PR stunt and more of an unfair competition that had nothing to do with movies.

Now a group in New Mexico is calling out Boll for what they consider a more fair contest. Calling themselves the "Boll-Busters," this group is hoping to square off against the filmmaker in a non-physical battle of the brains. The leader of the group, Peter Cook, is a two-time winner of his college Trivia Bowl, and he thinks he can beat Boll in a round of trivia, and even says he'll allow the categories of questions to be limited to, "Moviemaking, and Video Games Made Into Uwe Boll Movies," which would certainly keep things relevant.

What Cook and his friends may not realize, however, is that even though Boll makes some truly horrible movies, he does have a PH.D in literature, he is an amazing businessman and in a context of trivia he probably knows a good deal about both the categories Cook has come up with. I don't like to be a defender of Boll, but I bet he could even beat Cook at his Trivia Bowl. What I would prefer for all Boll's critics to do is make a movie, one that will either gross more money or win more legitimate awards than any of Boll's pictures. I think that would be the most fair contest regarding attacks against his filmmaking ability.

[via Fark.com]
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