As Lindsay Lohan's films changed from remakes of classic kidmovies to teenagefare, she quickly went from promising young star to crazy party girl. Her fully-loaded Herbie barely grossed more than it cost to make. And, it seemed like more than a year passed by before she gained a little good favour for her turn in A Prairie Home Companion. With her image in shambles, reports claim that she wants to change re-invent herself, and who better to do that than a politician?

According to CBS, Thursday's NY Post contained part of a new Lohan e-mail in circulation. Among other things, it discusses her plan to get image advice from Al Gore and the Clintons. The e-mail claims that she has already approached Gore, who told her that he would be happy to talk with her. Really, this makes perfect sense -- with all the mudslinging that happens during campaigns and in the press, politicians have to put a lot of effort into their image. Perhaps one of the greatest single instances of this would be Bill Clinton's failure to inhale. Whatever the case, no matter what skeletons are brought out of the closet, politicians find a way back into favor.

Did Lohan think of this all on her own? Maybe this will really be the end of the era, with her putting away her party slippers, getting sober and showcasing her talents instead of her personal drama. However, I'm more interested to see if this becomes the new trend of the future. When terms come and go, will Presidents make the professional leap from world leaders to Hollywood image consultants?

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