On January 23, in just a little more than a month, the Academy will announce its nominations for the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Among the anxious will be the original song competitors -- 56 songs competing for the 3-5 available spots. We've covered how many great songs have failed to meet the Academy's requirements. The words and music of the song have to be written specifically for the film, and a clear rendition has to appear in the film, or as the lead song in the credits. It's all about originality.

You might think that the selection of the top contenders would be a long process. There are a ton of songs to choose from, with lyrics to examine, and relevance and quality to consider. That's not the case. Only one week earlier, on January 16, voters in New York City and Beverly Hills will sit down and view clips of each song in random order, and then vote on their choices once the screenings are over. I hope that the voters are already familiar with the songs and films, because a clip of each song, whether as part of a film clip or not, are just that -- a piece.

While the collection of songs are diverse, I think it will be fairly easy to pick out a few of the sure contenders. Both Dreamgirls and Over the Hedge scored 3 cracks at a spot. And to keep things fresh, Borat's O Kazakhstan is also in the mix. Personally, I'm curious to hear the Rocky Balboa song, It's a Fight, because it has some big shoes to fill. The Hollywood Reporter has a full list of songs. Out of the 56, which do you think should make the top 5?