Hi, how are you? Or as the Mayans say: Bix a belex? (Dunno if that's accurate. I got it off the Internet.) Patricia here, and I have to admit, I have no idea which movie's going to finish No. 1 this week. None. Zero. (Or as the Mayans say: Hoon. OK, I'll stop now.) My advice? Wait until bubba8193 makes his picks, and then post whatever he does. He's our only poster with a perfect prediction record, which is freaking me out a little. Maybe he's using a quantum-physics wormhole to travel back in time, like Denzel Washington in 'Deja Vu.'

Apocalypto'Apocalypto': A year ago, I would've confidently predicted that Mel Gibson's action-historical epic -- about a peaceful Mayan who's captured by ruthless warriors and marched off to be sacrificed -- would dominate the box office. But after the public bloodbath Gibson's endured over the last six months, I'm not so sure. And speaking of blood, you may have guessed this already, but 'Apocalypto' is violent. Really violent. If you're in the mood for decapitations and scenes where people's still-beating hearts are ripped from their chests, then this is your movie. (I never saw 'The Passion of the Christ,' but apparently this movie's less violent than that one, so take that for whatever it's worth.)

There's every possibility that audiences will take said bloodiness into consideration -- along with the fact that the film is entirely in Mayan and directed by Gibson -- and give 'Apocalypto' a pass. On the other hand, I have to hand it to Mel: He does know how to make a movie. 'Apocalypto' is getting strong reviews, and justifiably so, as there are few directors who could take a film about an ancient civilization, featuring entirely unknown actors, and make it commercial. And as they say in Hollywood and everywhere else, no publicity is bad publicity, right? It'll be interesting to see whether the curiosity factor and positive word of mouth are enough to drive 'Apocalypto' to the top.