At SXSW 2005 I was invited to have dinner with a few new friends and filmmakers -- one of whom was the achingly adorable Laura Breckenridge, who was there to support her movie Southern Belles (which is now on DVD and quite charming). Since then the doe-eyed doll has played small parts in flicks like Havoc and Loving Annabelle, but it was her work on WB's TV series Related that (I thought) offered her the best chance at a wider audience. And then the show was cancelled.

But now Ms. Breckenridge has signed on to star in a horror movie, and that makes me very happy indeed. One of my favorite "up & coming" actresses working in my favorite genre: The spoooooky one! Yep, according to THR, Laura and a bunch of other attractive young people (Katheryn Winnick, Jessica Lucas, Keir O'Donnell and Tad Hilgenbrick) have signed up for Amusement, a horror movie penned by Jake Wade Wall (aka the guy who has the When a Stranger Calls remake to atone for -- and who also wrote the impending Hitcher remake) that focuses on three young women (and two boyfriends) who must contend with a serial killer from their childhood. The director of Amusement will be John Simpson, he of the under-the-radar (and underrated) thriller Freeze Frame.

According to the IMDb, it looks like the intimidating character actor Kevin Gage is also on board, and I can only assume he'll be playing the part of "serial killer." Production on Picturehouse's Amusement is about to get underway in Budapest.
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