And you thought the MPAA was strict on our movie posters -- check out some of the artwork for these films from Ghana. Yes, Ghana. A small homegrown film industry has slowly grown over in the African country, as audiences feast on a selection of home movie titles such as Demonic Cat, Ekulu and Child of Destiny. With the films come these posters -- painted by local artists on sack cloth and displayed on walls throughout the Ghanian ghettos.

But it's not just Ghanian film titles that get these vibrant, colorful posters -- they will also create their own take on some American films as well. An artist named Pascal Saumade discovered the posters and has since put them on display throughout Europe; currently, folks can check them out at the Dazed and Confused Gallery in London through December 12. There, they'll be able to catch a very cool poster for the horror film Child's Play, as well as one for that John Travolta/Christian Slater pic Broken Arrow. While the art is wonderful to look at, somehow I cannot imagine that poster for Demonic Cat slapped on the side of a New York City bus driving up fifth avenue. Yeah, it might freak out a few people.

[Thanks to AC for the tip]

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