I've never been a big graphic novel guy. Back in junior high, I remember someone turning me on to the TMNT graphic novels, and how much of a fun read they were. These books were very popular at the time -- I hope I still have them stored somewhere -- so dark and mysterious, they were nothing like the animated cartoon or the live-action films from back in the day. When I heard the Turtles were coming back, part of me was hoping they would tap into that darker feel -- something that's not as light, fluffy and comical, but more menacing and spooky.

In the 2007 version, the Turtles have gone all CG (personally, I like them better this way) and, with The Shredder out of the picture, there's a new nemesis on the horizon -- one that unloads an army of ancient monsters on New York City in an attempt to -- what else -- rule the world. MTV has your first look at the brand new trailer (annoying as it may be to view on their ridiculous website), and this one is definitely playing up the laughs. While I'm excited to see some familiar friends battle a whole new set of enemies, I sincerely hope the film doesn't pour on the cheese. There's only so much of Michelangelo's shtick a man can take before you want to literally reach through the screen and slap the dude. Yeah, cowabunga to that! Pic hits theaters (hey, at least we're getting a theatrical out of this sucker) on March 23.