There once was an insidiously determined girl named Tracey Flick, who wanted nothing more than to be President, with her tireless energy, campaign buttons, and tasty cupcakes. Not even Matthew Broderick, with or without a painfully swollen eye, could control her determination. They lived in the confines of Tom Perotta's book, Election, and the great film, directed by Alexander Payne, of the same name. These days, Perotta's name has been buzzing around for writing Little Children, a film about intersecting suburban families, but he's ready to head back to high school.

In September, Erik Davis shared the first bits of information to come out about his upcoming novel and screenplay -- The Abstinence Teacher. Now there is a little more plot to share, and two people who might make it come to life. Abstinence focuses on, no surprise, a small town in middle-America. A divorced sex-ed teacher and mother of two finds herself fighting conservative groups and trying to teach sex education while becoming interested in her daughter's soccer coach, who is born-again. The duo who wants to bring it to the big screen -- Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the husband and wife team who brought us Little Miss Sunshine. They sound like a perfect fit for Perotta's darkly comedic social commentary. If they land the gig, who would be cast? I can't help but think that Mary-Louise Parker and Martin Donovan should continue their on-screen flings, since the scenario treads on familiarterritory.
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