Most folks love the adrenaline rush that comes with being scared, but wisely we prefer to experience it in the safe confines of our own homes or perhaps a movie theater. Whether it's a roller coaster, a Stephen King novel, or a scary movie, we're in it for the thrills, just like the entries in this week's Trailer Park:

The Number 23
A supernatural thriller starring Jim Carrey? Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a book called The Number 23, which he thinks is about him, and he begins seeing manifestations of the number 23 in everything from his driver's license to the day he and his wife met. Carrey's attempt to break out of his physical comedy rut with The Truman Show didn't work for me, but he got me with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There is more to Mr. Carrey than the overly-caffeinated buffoon he has played so often, and I'm hoping The Number 23 will show that. Cinematical's own Scott Weinberg also had this take on the trailer.

Hannibal Rising
The man who had all of America wondering "What the hell are fava beans?" is featured in a new international trailer. Hannibal Lecter is back (though now he's played by Gaspard Ulliel), chewing on the scenery and his co-stars, in this film which shows his formative years. Monica Bartyzel discussed some stills from this movie not long ago. After the fantastic Silence of the Lambs, the series degenerated with the dull Hannibal, and the unnecessary Red Dragon, whose source novel had been better adapted as 1986's Manhunter. I had little interest in this movie going in, and this preview has done nothing to change that. In fact, since the trailer shows the young Dr. Lecter donning a mask similar to the one Anthony Hopkins wore in Silence of the Lambs -- which makes no sense other than to provide some clumsy foreshadowing -- I'm going to be avoiding this one.