So I guess we shouldn't always bet on black, huh? Yes, it's Friday evening and before you head out for the weekend, we thought you might want to know that Wesley Snipes has finally been arrested for tax fraud. The actor traveled from Africa (where he's currently filming Gallowwalker) to turn himself in to authorities in Ocala, Florida. After pleading not guilty to charges which include "falsely claiming millions of dollars in tax refunds," Snipes was released on $1 million bond.

He now intends to travel back to Africa to complete filming (because celebrities are allowed to travel wherever they want when they're arrested). Actually, the judge granted permission for Snipes to finish things up (phew, it sure would be a sin if Gallowwalker was delayed or, God forbid, shut down for good), though he must return to the States by January 10 -- at which time he will be ordered to surrender his passport, restricted to traveling only within the continental United States. If convicted, Snipes could wind up in jail for a total of 16 years -- though, most likely, he'll get probation and have to pay back a whole lot of money. I mean, who in their right mind would sentence Blade to 16 years behind bars? Who would we get to fight all those nasty vampires, or to star in those crappy direct-to-DVD action pics? In Gallowwalker, Snipes plays a cowboy who's placed in charge of killing zombies. And it's being shot in Africa. Who knows. We'll keep you updated on both the film and Snipes' legal troubles.

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