Call me crazy but in the words of Nancy Olson's character, D-Girl Betty Schaefer, in Billy Wilder'sSunset Blvd: "I think a picture should say a little something." Which is why I'm pretty disappointed with the movies that seem to be coming out of Hollywood these days. Sure, there are still some great ones that get released. But for every The Departed, Inside Man and Brickwe're also subjected to The Dukes of Hazard, Zoom, Phat Girlz, Man of the Year and many, many, many more. But that's just my opinion which, if you can believe this recent article in Daily Variety, is very much in the minority.

According to a survey of 2000 moviegoers highlighted in the story, five out of six -- thats 83% -- responded that they were satisfied with the quality of current films. "I think the satisfaction level was the biggest surprise to come out of the data." said Mike Hunter, head of the group conducting the survey, in the article. "The satisfaction with the quality of films was consistent everywhere we polled. So quality is not really a problem." Actually, I think my surprise was the biggest thing to come out of this data. Didn't see that one coming.

I did, however, see this next one. The survey data also pointed out a less-hopeful statistic that's not going to make theater owners and studios so happy -- those polled aren't planning on increasing their movie attendance or DVD watching over the next five years and 5% said they even plan to watch less TV. So, people are satisfied with the quality of films but they don't plan on going to the movies more or watching more DVDs? Interesting. How these results came to be is anyone's guess. Are these survey participants not seeing the same films I am? Maybe not.

I guess it possible I'm wrong and the movies are really as great as these stats seem to indicate. I'm willing to admit I might have higher expectations for films than others -- particularly those surveyed in this poll. But I also believe Hollywood could make more quality product if they really wanted to. Although, Hollywood would, of course, argue that the results of the survey means that they are, in fact, giving audiences exactly what they want. But I think its really more a case of audiences getting what they deserve. Raise your expectations, people, and push for better films with the greatest power you have -- your dollars. Only then will Hollywood figure out who really runs things around here.

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