I'm a total film dork for documentaries. I love seeing the perspectives documentary filmmakers bring to their subject matter, I love the passion with which they pursue their projects, and I love how I learn about subjects I otherwise might never think to research every time I settle down at a film fest for some rousing documentary screenings. Personally, I think most high school and college kids could learn a lot more sitting at film festivals watching the doc lineup than they learn sitting at desks being lectured to. I've learned more watching lots of docs than I did in a lot of my courses at college -- and had a lot more fun with the learning, to boot.

Fortunately for me and my dorkiness, the upcoming Sundance Film Festival has a nice slate of docs lined up for their competition lineup, so my doc lust will be sated, at least for a little while. Last year's Sundance doc lineup was a little weak -- there was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the press there about it -- but I'm hopeful that this year's docs are going to dazzle me. There's not a whole lot of info available on most of these as of yet, but nonetheless, here are seven of the ones I'm most interested in checking out: