I really don't know why I like Sandra Bullock. Like Julia Roberts, she's done a mix of roles, but seems to be really beloved for her quirky, romantic comedies. The best I can come up with is that I hold surprisingly strong residual feelings about Love Potion No. 9. While it was a film from the early 90s, it tapped into all my bad 80s loves, creating an appreciation that even The Net couldn't kill. And, whether you liked Crash or not, Bullock really embodied the anti-victim role where you could feel her fear and pain while reeling from her paranoia-fueled racism.

After some time as Harper Lee and dealing with a bout of Premonition, Bullock is going back to comedy. She's set to star in the upcoming One of the Guys, based on a pitch from Tim and Tom Mullen, which she will also produce with Todd Garner. The premise -- Bullock is a woman who has embraced the masculine side of life, but her group of friends, who are all male, fall into bedlam when she flirts with femininity. If she's getting all sexy around her friends, I'm sure they'll be torn between her being "one of the guys," and her becoming attractive to them.

Personally, I would like to see a film centering on a tomboy gets to stay the tomboy, while still being desirable and sexy. Sure, there are films like Some Kind of Wonderful where the butch gets the guy, but Watts is also considered to be a classically closeted character. Where are the films where the straight, masculine woman with lots of guy friends gets to be sexy just as she is?
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