I think Kate Bosworth is looking to expand her horizons with her next couple of projects. First up is The Girl in The Park with Sigourney Weaver, and now she has bought the rights to a somewhat pulpy book with a bad girl twist. It can't be easy to escape gossip of a "Superman Curse" and even if you don't believe in that, there is the expectation to see if Bosworth can do something other than be "the girl" in the story. ComingSoon.net reported that Bosworth has bought the rights to the Catherine Hanrahan novel Lost Girls & Love Hotels; the author officially announced the purchase on her myspace page last Wednesday.

Hanrahan's novel follows a Canadian girl living in Tokyo who works as an English trainer for an airline and spends her nights in Tokyo love hotels with a gangster. There will be plenty for Bosworth to do with the story if she decides to star. The book has it all for an actress: drug and sex addictions, painful childhood memories, the Yakuza, and a missing girl. If nothing else, Bosworth has proven that she can do drugged out and damaged (Wonderland). I haven't read the novel, but some of the reviews I came across made me think that I should probably just wait for the movie.

[via ComingSoon.net]

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