Back in October, Cinematical's comic book guru Marky B. let us know that a sequel to Jonathan Hensleigh'sThe Punisher was being discussed ... although it was only in the "talking about it" phase. But now that Lionsgate has released an extended director's cut of the flick, there's been a lot more buzzings about a follow-up. (Having recently seen the extended version, I do think it's an improvement over the theatrical cut -- but also that Mr. Hensleigh missed a golden opportunity to excise some of the lamer bits.)

The Punisher himself (Deep Blue Sea's Thomas Jane) recently informed IGN Movies that the sequel is almost certainly moving forward ... provided Hensleigh produces a viable screenplay, that is. Apparently the first movie had an inordinately low budget for this type of project (let's just say less than $20 million), and has proven itself to be DVD-popular enough to warrant a second spin. No word yet on how Lionsgate/Marvel feels about this plan, but if Mr. Jane is to be believed it certainly looks like we'll be getting a harsher, darker Punisher adventure some time relatively soon.

Oh, and if the sequel does go through, this guy will be the villain.
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