Bruce Campbell is one of those guys who won the hearts of many as Ash, and then embraced his quirky persona in a way that makes him as much of a hero as his fictional counterparts. I mean, could anyone else have been the only man to ever defeat Spider-Man? It is, therefore, a wonderful and logical step for him to star, direct and produce the upcoming My Name is Bruce, as Mark Beall and Scott Weinberg have previously told you about. In the film, Oregonians mistake Bruce for Ash and call on him to fight off the attacking monster. While I'm sure it will be camp to the nth degree, who wouldn't ask Bruce to be the hero, if he was around?

Now, after many months of waiting and with the film in post-production, Dark Horse Entertainment is beginning to publish pictures for the film. The first, with the site promising that more are coming, shows Bruce in a classic hero-fighting pose, and gives us a look at newcomer co-star, Grace Thorsen. I don't know if I'm more excited about Campbell's technique, or about the fighting fashions. We've got Bruce fired up in a Hawaiian shirt, and Thorsen bringing back plaid -- goodbye 80s, the 90s are a-coming! Why wear black special-ops clothes when you could be dressed in red? Really, this could be the silver-plated cinematic dish that some think Snakes on a Plane failed to become. Instead of communicating with fans to create a fan favorite, Campbell just knows.

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