Way back in July the marvelous Martha Fischer shared with us a trailer for The Reaping, which is a Dark Castle horror flick starring multiple Oscar recipient Hilary Swank. But then the movie got bumped from its release date (in favor of March 30, 2007) and everyone kinda forgot about The Reaping for a little while.

Until this brand-new trailer popped up, of course, and reminded us all that there's nothing potentially goofier than an unconvincing "religious thriller." (OK, so I still like The Seventh Sign, sue me!) Swanky stars as a professional skeptic who travels to a grungy little bayou town and is forced to contend with most of the more annoying biblical plagues ... and you just know she's gonna somehow save the day. But not before a bunch of kills, creeps and craziness.

The Reaping comes from director Stephen Hopkins (Predator 2, Lost in Space), fraternal screenwriters Chad & Carey Hayes (House of Wax), and the studio that gave you Gothika, Ghost Ship and The House on Haunted Hill. (Despite the combined track records of the aforementioned filmmakers, I'm still kinda looking forward to The Reaping. Hope springs eternal for the hardcore horror nerds.) Ms. Swank's co-stars include David Morrissey, William Ragsdale and a creepified AnnaSophia Robb, because when you win two Oscars in less than five years, you definitely want to be the biggest name in a horror movie cast.