Producer Jon Peters has the makings of a Hollywood institution. The former hairdresser and personal manager to Barbara Barbra Streisand had the foresight to buy the rights to two of the biggest comic book properties (Superman and Batman) in Hollywood. For better or for worse, he was always a hands-on producer who some thought should have learned to keep his hands to himself. Peters has been immortalized in the book Hit and Run, about Peters and his partner's deal with Sony during Sony's disastrous foray into the movie business, not to mention Kevin Smith had some pretty good stories about tangling with the producer over a Superman script.

Yahoo! Movie News reported that a former assistant was suing Peters for sexual harassment during the production of Superman Returns. The woman charged Peters with some pretty sleazy behavior including exposing himself to her while her three-year-old daughter was in the room. The suit also accuses Peters of "creating a hostile work environment" -- considering the suit contains accusations of Peters climbing into her hotel bed uninvited, groping and offensive comments, "hostile work environment" seems like an understatement.

There has yet to be any comment from Peters about the accusations or the lawsuit. Peters has always had a reputation for being something of an "eccentric" when it came to his behavior, but since the lawsuit seems pretty serious, I would hope the guy will come to his own defense sooner rather than later.
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