It looks like Tony Scott is fully committed to his updated remake of the Walter Hill film The Warriors. Back in November, Monika Bartyzel had news that Scott was ramping up for a full on re-invention of the film (If you prefer the original, there is always the Director's Cut on DVD). Scott was promising a new time and place for the story of gang warfare on an epic scale

While at the British premiere of his latest film Déjà Vu, Scott spoke with Empire Magazine to drum up some press for the project. Scott says that his vision of the remake is "The Warriors meets Kingdom Of Heaven. It's a very simplistic story -- that's the connection. I'm going to shoot it in L.A and all the gang members have said, if I get it on, they'll sign a treaty for the duration of the shoot." He also confirmed that he had already spoken to some members, but nothing was for sure. So, it could be a bit of manufactured buzz, especially since he has quoted numbers in the tens of thousands. If not, I can't imagine what the insurance bill for this film is going to be.

Scott confirmed that the film was aiming for a 2008 release, so we'll soon get the chance to see whether or not Scott was all talk about his gangland opus.
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