It wasn't long ago that DVDs were the new IT item with high-price discs and expensive players. Just like CDs, the movie counterparts caught on like wildfire. It wasn't long before we were arguing over the inevitable decline of the VHS and just how long they would stick around as video stores bought more DVDs and less tapes. Now, we've reported the deathof the VHS, and the same video stores that have been decreasing videotape options for years are now cleaning the shelves and selling off the used, video dinosaurs.

Yet technology never stops, and just as we get secure with DVD and HDVD, China's bringing out EVD, or Enhanced Versatile Disc. I can only hope that this latest VD version is backwards compatible, as Chinese electronics manufacturers plan to switch completely to EVD in one year -- by 2008. Their enhancement is said to come in the form of a crisper picture and larger capacity, but even more tempting to studios -- improved piracy features. Although plans are in the works to export EVD players overseas next year as well, US studios haven't jumped on board, yet. Right now, films already have the regular, the high-def and the PSP formats, so will the studios really be interested in another? I think it might come down to just how well the new format fares against piracy. It might never catch on here, but it if they do switch over in one year, I imagine it will be a wrench in the goodie-filled, alternate-version releases that we order from overseas.