Lars Von Trier seems to have a large tree in his back yard filled with fantastical film ideas, elements and techniques. I can almost see him grabbing his morning coffee, biting into a piece of toast, and seeing where his morning climb would take him. Sometimes he grabs onto a musical branch or maybe a sparse set branch, but recently, he found one hell of a comedic branch that flung him to some Automavision and Lookey branches. All of these techniques falling into a dark comedy might just make it the most creatively-fuelled comedy of recent years.

If you're wondering if he could pull off funny, a trailer has finally arrived online. Sure, for English-speaking audiences it only has half the impact, but it looks like The Boss of it All might just be a lot of fun. There's some sort of height-changing desk that throws in some weird hijinks, awkward, half-dressed moments, and a ride on a merry-go-round by grown men. If you're looking for a familiar face, you might recognize Iben Hjejle, who played John Cusack's love interest in High Fidelity. As for his creative bits... the trailer includes a lot of short shots, so it's hard to tell how well his automated cameras worked (did he have a hell of a time in the editing room?). The trailer also seems to be free of Lookeys, so it doesn't look like anyone can get a head start on the game. Although the film is now out in Denmark, US audiences will have to wait for its limited release on May 9. If anyone has viewed the film in Denmark, I'd love to hear how it is, if there are Lookeys, and just what in the hell does a Lookey look like?

[via Twitch]