No matter what your opinion on the now ubiquitous trailer mash-up, some can actually be pretty funny. My first experience was not that long ago with the mash-up of The Shining featuring Jack Nicholson doing his best troubled romantic-comedy guy routine -- instead of the raving psycho he really is in the actual movie. Although, that wasn't the first one ever made. According to Wikipedia, that honor actually goes to former NYU students Ben Campbell, Sal Perez, Jack Picone and Spencer Somers and their mash-up of Kill Bill and The Passion of the Christ called Kill Christ. So, if you don't like mash-ups you can blame them.

Plus, there's the one with A Christmas Storyre-imagined as a horror film. That's pretty funny. I also like the X-Men: Last Stand / Office Space one as well. It's interesting how some of the shots can be so dramatic when taken out of context. I may never look at Office Space the same way again. Well, I probably will. And, of course, the mash-up got even more popular thanks in large part to those two gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain (as our own Martha rightly pointed out before). So you had a string of Brokeback mash-ups which now run into the dozens over at YouTube. Search, you'll fine 'em. My favorite -- Brokeback to the Future. Now that's what a mash-up is supposed to be.

There's even a website (probably more than one) devoted completely to mash-ups that you can check out if you feel strongly about your love for these things and just want more, more, more of them. Which brings us to one of the latest ones -- a mash-up of Apocalypto and The Last KisscalledZach Brafs' Apocolypto. Not as funny as Brokeback to the Future but I give them an "A" for effort. Enjoy.
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