When I think about training, my mind automatically goes to a few films, one of which, believe it or not, is Two of a Kind. It is an insanely bad, yet delicious Olivia Newton John/John Travolta flick with wacky inventions, robbery, love, and of course, heaven, hell, and the end of the world. Olivia plays a struggling actress who isn't struggling as much because of her accent, as she thinks, but because she can't act. One scene has her struggling to act fearful in an acting class, when she can't come up with anything other than cocky and smug.

John's character in the film obviously isn't the type Variety mentions in their new article on acting schools. While the article recognizes that there is no formula to win one of those elusive Academy Awards, school is the foundation of major thespians. Considering the list of names mentioned in the article alone, you can see why. For example, did you know that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter O'Toole both studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London? Hopefully Ms. Gyllenhaal can proceed without too many of the cringe-worthy side roles.

While it's not new that many great actors come from great acting programs, it is interesting to note those who still hone their craft with classes. Imagine just sitting down one day for a "character creation" class at the Actors Center when Dianne Wiest, an Oscar winner herself, plops down next to you. I wonder how many step up to the challenge and grow from the influence of the greats, and how many flounder from their own egos and become fry cooks. If you're looking into being one of the actors covered on Cinematical, you might want to check out the article.