I think it's safe to say that awards season is in full swing; Golden Globe nominations will be announced this Thursday morning, and already a number of organizations are listing their favorite films of the year. It's definitely that time of the year -- time to recognize the best, complain about the worst and decide just how much money you're willing to dish out for those office pools. This morning, Variety mentioned a list of underdogs (or dark horses) in the supporting male category -- folks who might slip in there, but could lose out to more popular roles. There's Michael Caine for Children of Men, Matt Damon for The Departed, Dustin Hoffman for Stranger Than Fiction, Ian McKellen for The Da Vinci Code, Tim Robbins for Catch a Fire and, my personal favorite, Stanley Tucci for The Devil Wears Prada.

And what about Best Picture? I've heard Half Nelson and Little Miss Sunshine mentioned more often than Clint Eastwood -- but do those films have what it takes to land a spot on the big stage? There's also a lot of people who feel Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was this year's most entertaining film -- but then why does it feel like such an underdog? Or how about Spike Lee's fantastic heist film, Inside Man? Obviously audiences loved it -- the pic was Lee's greatest financial success -- but will it be recognized at all? When you talk family films, all anyone can think of are the slew of animated flicks that bombarded us this year. Yet, how come no one mentioned what, in my opinion, was this year's best family pic -- Akeelah and the Bee? Don't you think it's time the Academy recognizes those feel-good family films by tossing them a category?

So, I ask you: In your opinion, which of your favorite films and performances this year do you feel will get lost in the shuffle? Forget about the critics, what does the audience think? Heck, you're the ones paying hard-earned money for these movies -- give us your opinion.

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