Hey, we finally know why Indiana Jones 4 is taking so damn long to make -- Steven Spielberg is too busy working on his various television projects. We already know the man is involved in a reality television show and, last week, we brought you news that Spielberg was teaming up with TNT to produce a six-hour miniseries based on Stephen King's The Talisman. Well, now it appears he'll be helping to develop two new shows for Fox, one of which will definitely be of interest to fans of Back to the Future.

First up, Edward Burns will be writing a drama set in the fashion world alongside wife Christy Turlington. (Seeing as Burns' last few indie pics were huge flops, perhaps his eye for relationship-type material will garner more attention on the small screen.) Based on an idea of Spielbergs, we're not sure if this has anything to do with another project Spiel-God was interested in -- that one was supposedly written by Rod Lurie and revolved around the "glitzy New York media world." Did Spielberg change it to the "glitzy New York fashion world" and simply bring on Burns to ruin it for him? If it goes to pilot, Burns will also direct. Fantastic.

The second project is based off a script by Scott Gemmill, and its main characters are two American physicists in WWII who discover a way to travel into the future and subsequently come to 2007 in an attempt to aid the war effort ... as well as get into Paris Hilton's pants. (That last part I made up, though everyone knows how kinky those physicists are ... ) However, the film Back to the Future wasn't around in the forties, and so the men soon realize that traveling back and forth can and will affect the space-time continuum. Sounds wonderful ... now give us Indy 4!