Only a few days ago, there were rumblings of an epic film of pulp fiction -- the real kind, not the kind with dance-offs and Royales with cheese. Matt Bradshaw reported that Sam Raimi was set to bring us a film full of The Avenger, Doc Savage and of course, The Shadow. The way it was sounding, it'd be like a Sin City of heroes, without the handy comic to tell us the plot beforehand. However, now there are rumblings all over the net about the film, and the only hero being mentioned is is the shadowy one himself.

This will be a great second chance for Raimi, who first tried to make The Shadow a starring reality in the early 90s, couldn't get the rights, and the film became a quickly-forgotten flop by other hands. With Columbia Pictures having picked up the screen rights to the film, Raimi and Josh Donen producing through Buckaroo Entertainment, and Siavash Farahani still writing, the film is off to a better start already.

And as Hollywood is so damned good at keeping with themes, this will come on the heels of the Orson Welles movie Fade to Black, starring Danny Huston. This might just be time for the Welles renaissance, since he tackled the voice of The Shadow before he created Chaos with War of the Worlds, or made one of the best movies of all time. As long as the revival doesn't lead to a remake of Citizen Kane, this just might be a great thing. Filmmakers, if you're even considering the possibility, please remember: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

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