• Timothy Albrecht(?-2006) - Choreographer for The Intern, Camp and Pretty Dead Girl. He died in his sleep December 9, in Los Angeles.
  • Nicolas Balla(1918-2006) - Producer of many short documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada.
  • Jack Bean(c.1922-2006) - Producer of Witches' Brew and Very Close Quarters. He died of pneumonia December 5, in Beverly Hills, California.
  • Peter Brayham(?-2006) - Stuntman on a number of Peckinpah and 007 films, including Straw Dogs, Goldfinger and Live and Let Die, as well as Brannigan, The Guns of Navarone and Sweeney! He later coordinated/arranged stunts on Cross of Iron, Time Bandits, The Razor's Edge, White Nights, Spice World, Quadraphenia, Drowning by Numbers, Bridget Jones' Diary and My Left Foot. He also played named characters in From Russia With Love and Safari 3000. He died of a heart attack.
  • Glenis S. Gross(c.1943-2006) - Co-founder of Coming Home Entertainment and Coming Home Studios, which produced straight-to-video music documentaries and concert films. She died of complications from diabetes November 24, in Oceanside, California.
  • Anthony Jackson(1944-2006) - Actor who provided character voices for Labyrinth and appeared in Alan Cumming's Burn Your Phone. He died of cancer November 27, in London.
  • Max (c.1987-2006) - Potbelly pig owned by George Clooney, who once told USA Today that the pet was his longest relationship. He died of natural causes December 1, in Hollywood, California.
  • Kevin McClory(1926-2006) - Director, screenwriter, producer and assorted crew member who co-wrote and produced the 007 pic Thunderball (and its sorta remake Never Say Never). He was a boom operator and assistant to John Huston on Moulin Rouge (1952) and The African Queen, assistant director on Huston's Moby Dick, second unit director on Around the World in 80 Days (1956), location manager on The Cockleshell Heroes and writer-director-producer on a flop called The Boy and the Bridge. He died November 20, in London.
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