A few weeks ago, I was ready to break the knees of half my rss feeds as I had to filter through 3 million Cruise wedding headlines to find any other news. Katie's head was spotted in a window! Tom sneezed! Katie wore this dress before putting on her wedding dress. Really, it brought gossip posts to new levels. However, it didn't rise Tom Cruise up into the arms of the beloved, believe it or not. Instead, the man we used to love for his Risky Business has been voted the most unpopular movie star by a USA Today/Gallup poll. Out of just over 1,000 responses, 34% say they avoid Mr. Cruise at the theatre. Ouch. Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie and Mel Gibson also found their way into unpopular recognition with 18% and 12% respectively. If this poll is any indication, not all publicity is good publicity.

It isn't all about the names that inspire lip curling. What actors have enough clout in Hollywood that their mere involvement in a film will make moviegoers rush to see it? It's no surprise that the list is topped by Bosom Buddies star-turned world famous actor Tom Hanks, who could probably make a film about bathroom cleaning a blockbuster. While the unpopular list is definitely strongly influenced by current media, this list could've been the same ten years ago. Hanks is followed by Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, a tie between Will Smith and Sandra Bullock, and finally, the man worthy of two spots, Mel Gibson, who still grabs the end spot in face of controversy and unpopular recognition. Who will be the unpopular faces of tomorrow, and will anyone ever oust the titans of box-office pull?