The Alliance of Women Film Journalists is a new organization founded just this year, but it's not too young to join in the awards season fun. The group, which counts our own Kim Voynar in its membership, isn't like most critics circles when it comes to end of year honors. The AWFJ's awards, the EDAs (an acronym for "Excellent Dynamic Activism" and namesake of actress Eda Reiss Merin, mother of AWFJ co-founder Jennifer Merin), are primarily focused on women in film.

There are a few categories that aren't woman-specific, such as Best Film and Best Ensemble and, my favorite, Movies You Wanted to Love But Just Couldn't. But you'll notice that there are few awards given to men, as actors or directors or anything else. For a man to be recognized, he has to have made a film about women or played a part supporting a woman protagonist. Considering that outside of the actress categories of most awards women aren't well represented, the EDAs give us a nudge to pay attention to the wonderful contributions that women are making behind the camera. Oh, and they also have a category for Best Depiction of Nudity or Sexuality, which is stirring some debate.

So far the AWFJ has only announced the nominations for the EDAs; the winners will come later this month. Some of the final picks I'm looking forward to include the winners of the following categories: Actress Most in Need of a New Agent (it's important just to be nominated); Don't Stick Your Head in the Sand (I think it spotlights daunting films); and, of course, Movies You Wanted to Love But Just Couldn't (will it go to the movie you most wanted to love but really couldn't?).

Go to the AWFJ website to see all the nominations. I would write them all out here, but there's a lot, and it is more important for people to visit the organization's site anyway.