I think I'm addicted to Joss Whedon. Not in his works, or anything, just to writing about the man. When it is your business to hound the geek movie world looking for scraps of information about the cinematic happenings of all things sci-fi/fantasy/comic book, you run into Joss Whedon around just about every corner. However, it has been a number of days now since I've written anything about the man, and like any good addict, I'm feeling jittery. I needs me my fix. I ran into Metro on the cyber street, and dude hooked me up.

Since we still haven't settled on an actress for Whedon's Wonder Woman, the issue is still up for intense rumor mongering. An old favorite of the rumor mill, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, has popped back up again, slyly bringing her name back into the discussion by pointedly not talking about the issue. Well ... technically she is talking about it, but only by talking about how she won't talk about it. See how that works? Chopra told Metro "Till something happens, I don't want to talk about it. I'm not confirming the news or denying it right now." Saying "I don't want to talk about it," is a perfectly legit comment for any actor/actress to make; we can all imagine how tired they must get of addressing the same rumors over and over again. But throwing on that coy little "not denying it right now" is just begging for people to presume you've had all kinds of conversations about it and just don't want to share it with us right now.
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