It seems that the pimping of Factory Girl (as reported here on Cinematical by Jessica Barnes) is continuing, although on a smaller scale. Time to show off your skill with Photoshop (or the photo editing application of your choice); The Weinstein Co. is running a Factory Girl poster design contest. As the article on Poster Wire points out -- though it doesn't say this on the Factory Girl site -- even if you win the contest it seems unlikely your design will be used to promote the film in theaters since no major studio has ever acquired their poster design in this way. Also, bear in mind that the official poster is already in circulation. The winning design will be shown on the film's official website, and if things go anything like the Resident Evil: Apocalypse design contest from a few years ago, you might expect the winning design to be included as an extra on the DVD. If you're OK with that, then the prizes include: a full-sized printed copy of your winning design autographed by the the cast of the film, a private screening of the film for the winner and 25 friends, and, of course, bragging rights.

The Factory Girl website offers a downloadable production kit in zip format with the basic building blocks you'll need including 15 different images from the film, 6 different title treatments, and the billing block (that ultra-dense block of really tall text at the bottom of every movie poster). Check here for the official rules.

[via Poster Wire]