I can't say I was terribly worried about whether Halle Berry, having never been one of my favourite actresses, would find a way out of "The Curse of Catwoman." Still, I have to admit, it's too bad that her latest release doesn't look like it is going to be the one to break that slump.

Moviefone now has the first look at the trailer for the upcoming thriller Perfect Stranger starring Berry, Giovanni Ribisi, and Bruce Willis. The story follows a woman with the unfortunate name of Ro, who gets caught up with a powerful and obsessive man (Willis) while trying to solve the murder of her friend. Beyond having a title that immediately brings Balki to mind, the movie seems like a pretty run of the mill "erotic" thriller. And on a side note, I think we all hope Willis doesn't venture into Color of Night territory in the love scene. If you are the type of person that doesn't like to be told too much about a movie, you might want to hold off on the trailer for now.

So, is it just me, or does a long trailer always look a little desperate? Especially when the trailer gives most of the movie away. I doubt Perfect Stranger will be the film that restores Berry to her Oscar glory, so here's hoping she has better luck with her next project Things We Lost in the Fire.

[via JoBlo.com]