My anticipation of Hellboy 2 is no great secret to regular readers. Like most geeks, I'm a big fan of the comic book, and was thoroughly impressed with the first film. Despite my deep fanboy affection for Marvel, Hellboy probably trumps every Marvel flick in my list. Since the first film met with a great fan reaction but something of a mediocre box office reaction, we went on something of a ride waiting for confirmation on the second film. But now it is coming, and none too soon. Popular director Guillermo del Toro sat down for a chat with Coming Soon, and shared information on a number of projects, including Hellboy 2. Here are the most interesting bits:

  • Guillermo and his team pulled off the impossible -- a sequel with a different studio -- through very hard work and determination, most notably that of Larry Gordon.
  • Just the like first film, creator Mike Mignola was sure it wouldn't happen. We can all rejoice in Mignola's incorrect hunches; del Toro is convinced Mignola has to be down on a project in order for it to achieve success.
  • Although the new movie will move in a new direction plot-wise, you can expect some of the story to pop up in the current comic series.
  • We won't see too many new faces from the BRPD, because Johann Krauss is expensive enough to add by himself.
  • We will see an even stronger gallery of villains, because del Toro feels he should've done better in that regard last time.
  • Guillermo del Toro actually has a small comic book deal with Dark Horse, whenever he can find the time to put something together.
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