Like any true-blue horror geek with a few dollars to spend, I already own John Carpenter's original Halloween on DVD. (There are only about 43 different versions, most of 'em from that multiple-dip factory known as Anchor Bay.) But what if, say, you're a young horror nerdlet who doesn't have the expendable income with which to construct a fantastic DVD collection? What about those fans? Who will think of the children??

Well, apparently Rob Zombie will. In preparation for his own adaptation of the October Classic, Zombie and MySpace have collaborated to offer you ... a free movie! Yes, that's right: Go pop some corn, turn off the lights and put your cellphone on mute, because you're invited to watch Halloween for FREE! Hooray!

OK, so the screen is really small and your little speakers might not deliver Carpenter's mega-slick score in flawless fashion, but I do believe I mentioned the word "FREE" a few times, so let's not whine about the details. (I wonder if they'll leave P.J. Soles' finest scene intact...)

[Thanks to good ol' JoBlo for the tip!]
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