There's a bit of a theme running through the work of one of the newest screenwriting duos, Craig and Jeff Cox. They're the men responsible for the upcoming Blades of Glory -- that movie about the two single figure skaters who lose their medals due to a brawl, are banned from singles competition, and after a hiatus, decide to try again as a pair. Maybe seeing Will Ferrell and Jon Heder skate around is what led them to their next film, tentatively named I, Thalus, which will be another treatment of the Olympics.

Obviously, it's not about modern-day quest for the gold. The Cox brothers are bringing the comedy back to the first Olympics. Unfortunately, that's all they will tell us at this time. As with any comedy, this could be easily good, or easily bad. The Cox Brothers are teaming with producers Scott Stuber and Mary Parent, who can instil hope or fear, depending on your taste. They worked together on You, Me and Dupree, Stuber has the recent The Break-Up under his belt, and Parent... she's connected to the hopefully-shelved Oldboy remake.

Since no further information is available, there is lots of room for speculation. I have this funny feeling that they're not going to be faithful to the original games, unless they whip out some black bars, as contestants originally competed naked -- although they might be able to do it with wrestling, if Borat is any indication. Also, considering the subject matter of the current Cox film, it'll be interesting to see if they include ancient practices of homosexuality, or if they leave some things in the past.
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