Jason Lee, star of NBC's My Name is Earl, and who has appeared in nearly every movie Kevin Smith has ever made, will star in and produce Krater, a comedy for Warner Bros. According to The Hollywood Reporter,Scott M. Martin will also be producing from a script by J.D. Ryznar. Lee will be playing the leader of a rock band called Krater in the late 70s and early 80s. The band must deal with staggering success after acquiring a new lead singer who has secret Broadway ambitions.

Lee and Martin created the concept and brought it to Ryznar for scripting. The two producers have worked together before on two Cameron Crowe films. Martin served as Associate Producer on Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, with Lee acting in both films and playing another rock star in the former. Production will start in May when My Name is Earl breaks for the season.

I've always enjoyed Lee's film work, but his comic talents have really shown themselves on Earl; his timing and facial expressions are priceless. I'm also looking forward to his work as the voice of the title character in the new Underdog movie. In movies he's usually a supporting player, so this looks to be a big opportunity for Mr. Lee. The big question is, will that downright scary mustache survive the translation to film? I suspect it may wind up, quite literally, on the cutting room floor.

[via Coming Soon]
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