Amidst all the partying, AA meetings, adequite e-mails and romantic comedies, Lindsay Lohan is starting to look into thrillers. She's already set to star in the upcoming I Know Who Killed Me, and now she's in talks to co-star in a new film by horror director Dante Tomaselli called The Ocean. If she takes the roll, Lohan will play "a bikini-clad, pot-smoking surfer girl with heavy family issues." It doesn't sound like much of a jump for the actress, and I can't help but wonder if the roll was written for, or at least inspired by, Lohan's own messy life.

As for the film, it's been a media-friendly work-in-progress, where Tomaselli has been eager to share news of the film and how it's morphed and changed as the movie proceeds. What was once touted as a Bermuda Triangle thriller now seems to be more of a horror film-meets-Outbreak sort of tale. The director recently talked with Moviehole, and shared some new bits about the flick. He considers it to be an apocalyptic horror film about deadly ocean waves washing away "the earth's sins." The twist is that there is also an "Ebola-like" virus that is plaguing the community, although I'm not really sure how that fits into the rest.
The cast already includes the likes of Margot Kidder, who plays a psychic, and Judith O'Dea, star of the original Night of the Living Dead, as "The Scuba Diver." If you're anxious for more information, the movie's website has a whole slew of news links that should help to satiate your curiosity.
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