Ah, Lionsgate. Thank you for keeping the horror film torch burning by bringing us films like the Saw franchise, Hostel, The Descent and so many more to come (as our own Scott reported recently). In the world of modestly budgeted splatter-fests you guys pretty much rule. And now, according to Variety, you've picked up yet another potential winner from your old friends at Filmax -- the horror/thriller The Backwoods, starring Gary Oldman.

When we wrote about this film wayyy last year, it was just a mention regarding the casting of Oldman in the film. And now, over a year later, the film is in the can, getting picked up by a major horror-friendly distributor and is slated for a U.S. release next year. Not bad. Although, it's not that unusual for Lionsgate to acquire product from Filmax considering the long-standing relationship between the two companies. Since 2000, the distributor has picked up quite a few films from the Spanish producer -- including Arachnid, Dagon, Faust and one of my faves -- Beyond Re-Animator.

The Backwoods, directed by first-time feature helmer Koldo Serra, is an English-language thriller set in Basque Country in 1978 which tells the story of a couple on vacation who stumble upon a deformed and seemingly helpless girl trapped in a cabin. Of course, the couple tries to help her and ends up fighting for their lives against the local villagers who have imprisoned the girl. The film co-stars Paddy Considine (who was so good in Jim Sheridan's In America), Aitana Sanchez-Gijon and the super-hot Virginie Ledoyen. Plus, as Gary Oldman happens to be in it and I'm a huge fan of his, I plan on catching this film when it's released. Lionsgate, keep up the good work. For more on The Backwoods, check out its official site.
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