So in honor of the season of goodwill towards men, yet another lawsuit is on the way. First up was Jon Peters and a sexual harassment suit, and now Laurent Chalet, who was the Director of Photography for the award-winning documentary March of the Penguins is suing for directorial credit alongside Luc Jacquet.

Variety confirmed that Chalet has filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film. Chalet states that he shot most of the film with the second director of photography Jerome Maison during a 13-month production in Antarctica. Already talk of an out-of-court settlement have begun between the lawyers, but the producers are unwilling to budge on giving Chalet the credit. Producer Yves Darondeau stated "As director of photography, Laurent Chalet did a very good job in difficult conditions, but that doesn't qualify him for a director's credit -- The director has the idea, the point of view, tells a story and has the final cut. It is a very different job." Maison, who is currently working with Jaquet on his follow up The Fox & the Child, about a little girl who tames a fox, is standing behind the producers, and makes no such claims about directing Penguins. Darondeau isn't worried, stating "Unfortunately, when a French film does well, there are practically always lawsuits like this; It's become a fashion." The case is set to come before the court this February.
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