Now that you're eagerly counting down the seconds before being able to finally check out the final installment in the Rocky franchise, why not start building up hype for Sylvester Stallone's second trip down memory lane -- Rambo 4: Pearl of the Cobra. (Can I just say now that the title is so friggin' stuck in the 80s, I absolutely love it!) I'm not sure how they do it or who they're sleeping with, but the folks over at Latino Review managed to get their hands on the latest draft (dated 11/06/06) of Rambo 4, and have been nice enough to post their review of it.

Here's what we already know about Rambo 4: During a humanitarian aid delivery, Rambo is recruited to protect a bunch of Christian human rights missionaries from a group of pirates who are up to no good. However, when Burmese soldiers (apparently these guys are pretty sick puppies) take hostages, Rambo is called back into action, as he must assemble a team of mercenaries to rescue those in captivity. Latino Review gives the script a B+ and only spoils the first half of the film for us -- and yes, that means there are spoilers included within. You've been warned. According to them, the second half "is all pure vintage Rambo that we know and love as he lays the smackdown with his .50 cal ordinance to the sadistic Burmese army." They also describe the script as "extremely violent and gory," however Stallone himself has gone on record saying that it all serves the plot and accurately reflects the reality of the region.

It sounds pretty rad, and quite a departure from the extremely tame Rocky finale. Rambo 4: Pearl of the Cobra is set to arrive in theaters in early 2008.

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