So it seems like Prince Caspian is nearly set to go, right? As we creep into 2007, the final pieces are falling into place for the Narnian team, and production is soon to begin on the second installment of the very popular fantasy franchise. But ... where, exactly? Many of you have probably heard the film plans on being local to London for most of the shooting. Just as many have probably heard the team will be doing the bulk of their work in New Zealand. So which is it, England or New Zealand? The correct answer for now seems to be "yes." Coming Soon just did a great job of wrapping up the various related news, and as it turns out, both sites are on target for some Narnian action.

The president of Walt Disney International has recently suggested the film will start soon in England. In the meantime, the chief executive of Film New Zealand denied reports that Disney was moving away from their country, instead suggesting the film would use locations in both England and New Zealand. Although this requires a fair amount of movement, it certainly isn't beyond the scope of a big movie like Prince Caspian. As a sideline, reports are also apparently being published suggesting Narnia is headed for Prague to share a studio with Babylon A.D. This one seems a little more silly, but who know what the team has planned. Aslan is on the move!

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