Yes, another teaser for The Simpsons Movie is circulating online, this being the third official one to debut. However, it's only available in windows media right now (though I assume it will pop up on YouTube soon enough), and so you Mac users are folks who cannot get windows media to work on your cruddy computer are sh*t out of luck. But don't worry my friends, you ain't missing much. The teaser opens the same way the last one did, with that little bunny hopping across a field before cutting to the title card and then to two short clips of Homer trying to hammer a nail onto his roof with Bart alongside him.

I must say, these short bits of the film aren't really exciting me all that much. I feel as if I'm watching the coming attractions for next week's Simpsons episode, only with less footage and jokes that aren't that funny -- all physical stuff with no sharp, witty dialogue. Since the first two were all about Homer, and the third featured Bart with Homer, this leads me to believe that each character will slowly make their way in -- perhaps the next one will feature Marge, then Lisa and Maggie. It bothers me that they're trying to hype us all up by shoving five-second clips of Homer hurting himself down our throats. Give us more. Give us dialogue. Give us humor. Give us something that will actually make us laugh and want to see the movie, like, right now. So far, that has not happened -- and while I'm a huge Simpsons fan who will no doubt pay money to see the movie -- I'm afraid my excitement level going in won't be as high as I wanted it to be. Thoughts? Reactions?