It's one thing when fans and rumor mills buzz about news of a sequel. There are many ways to shoot them down and dispel them. However, when the news comes straight from the filmmaker, that luxury is gone. Sure, you can still comfort yourself in the possibility that it will remain in development hell, that the timing will never be right, or that the inkling passes. But the inkling was still there, and once it's spoken, there's no telling what could happen.

There's been buzz about a Zoolander sequel for a while. Now, Ben Stiller felt the need to add fuel to the simmering fire. USA Today has a new article with Stiller that talks about his upcoming film, Night at the Museum, and his career's past, present, and future. Next up, Ben will star in another "raunchy romantic comedy" by the Farrelly Brothers, and then he plans to explore a sequel to his take on the modeling industry. One can only hope that a number of other films get thrown on the docket, pushing sequel thoughts so deep down that they're never heard from again. This is coming from a place of love. The tale of Derek Zoolander has been told. Is there really that much more to explore? What Stiller should do is go back to his pre-Wilson days and remind us that there's more to his head than pursed lips and spikey hair.

[via Cinema Blend]
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