As a kid in grade school, I had to sit through innumerable assemblies where we'd have to sing patriotic songs, recite historical anecdotes, and almost always sit back to watch some classmates clog their hearts out on the waxy gym floor. Unfortunately, the songs weren't fun and most of us would space out or giggle with our friends in a flurry of mid-day gossiping. Years later, clogging is still around, and one struggling actress is actually trying to use her clogging talents to land herself a starring gig.

Julia Fowler
is an actress in Hollywood who often makes it to the final few women, but never gets picked. Instead of continuing with more of the same, she decided to write herself a starring role to suit her Southern accent and dancing talents. Oh yes, Possom Trot Cloggers is the name of the project, and it is a romantic comedy set in the heart of the clogging world. When New Line Cinema dropped their option on the film, Fowler had to be creative yet again. This time, it was ending a week-long series of pitches with a performance on top of a parking garage that overlooks the Hollywood sign. Fowler and a group of dancers walked out, and clogged to the likes of bluegrass and hip hop, hoping to clog their way into the hearts of the film company executives who were present. For all this effort, I can't help but hope that the group gets their wish and scores a deal by the holidays.
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