The film that's been lauded as "This year's Lord of the Rings" (I highly doubt that, but I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the movie) could be decorating your walls soon if you're lucky. This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves fantasy, dragons or John Malkovich. While it's great to see another fantasy film hitting the box office, it makes me nostalgic for movies like Dragonslayer, which defined the genre for me when I was kid.

Eragon's big claim to fame is that it was written by Christopher Paolini when he was 15 years-old. Since being published, it has attracted a lot of attention, and the film stars actors like Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and Robert Carlyle, which isn't too shabby for a fantasy film. The trailers haven't wowed me yet, and I played a demo of the video game based on the movie -- which was almost enough for me to give up on the film, it was that bad. However, I'm determined to give this one a fair shake. At the very least, they've got themselves a cool poster. will be giving away 20 of these as part of their "Poster Madness Contest," so head over and sign up before midnight, December 16. You have to answer a couple of trivia questions, but with the help of your trusty sidekick 'The Internet,' we have every confidence that you'll come through with flying colors. Good luck!